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By January 4, 2017General News

Greetings from the members and adults of Bethel #4. We have missed the deadline for the past few Trestleboards… but we want you to know we are alive and happy!

We have been very busy the past few months with various meetings and activities. The girls have been visiting as many bethels as they can and have been participating in initiations and other activities at those bethels as needed.

As you know, Bethel #4 is in danger of being closed if we aren’t able to get some new members. We especially need girls between the ages of 10 ~ 15. Girls are eligible up to the age of 20, but to keep our bethel active, we need the younger girls, that won’t be leaving after a year or two.

That’s where we need your help. A girl does not need a Masonic relationship. All a girl needs is a Masonic sponsor. We are asking you to please check with neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members to see if there are any girls that might be interested. We will be having a “purple Party” sometime in Feb. or March. That is where we would invite girls to join us for a fun event.

Also… save the date of January 16. That is the date of our installation @ 7:00 pm. I know the girls would really appreciate some Masonic support. The meeting is open so you could bring girls to it so they could see how a bethel is run for special ceremony.

Thank you again for all the support you have given to us ~ we really appreciate it.

Jobie Love,

Allison Keepers, HQ
Jodie Tibbetts, Guardian

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