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May 2018

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May Flowers

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My what a big month May is! And Friendship Masonic Lodge has used all five weeks to the max. The month began with with the official visit of the Grand Master (which you can read about here, along with the comings and goings of the first couple weeks), but that all seems ages ago after all else that has happened.

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the 2018 Masonic Contributors

30 Years of Safety: 30 Years of Success!

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This past Thursday the 30th annual Safety Patrol Picnic completed. Initiated by our own WB Jack Armstrong in partnership with several other Freemasons; the Safety Patrol Picnic is a joint collaboration between Portland Public Schools, Portland Police, and Portland area Masonic Lodges. Our primary mission is feeding 2,500 children lunch including hot dogs while they roam Oaks Park and receive their reward for being on the Safety Patrol that school year. Read More