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February 2018

On Justice: Reflections on Our Masonic Life

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Recently the fortunate brethren of Friendship 160 and their esteemed guests were treated to a fascinating historical review presented by WB Dan Gray (Research #198). He wove for us a wonderful true story about an innovative time in Masonry spearheaded by a couple of amazing men – one of whom is Friendship’s own Jack Armstrong. The story moved all of us, and reflected at its core one of the principal virtues of our fraternity:  Justice. I’d like to introduce this very subject for your consideration by way of what one might call a not-so-concluding post script to WB Gray’s talk.

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History & Innovation at Friendship

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This past Wednesday Friendship had the privilege of hosting several Brothers from Research Lodge, most notably WB Joseph Lambert, who we would learn was indispensable in the effort to guide the Grand Lodge of Oregon to recognize Prince Hall Masonry. This legacy was the central theme of our education for the evening. WB Daniel Gray elucidated on this history with his talk, “The Innovators”.  Read More

After 33 & Beyond: an Uncommon Mason’s Perspective

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Masonry is changing, without changing. Even if the post-war membership boom may never be repeated, younger men are coming to the light in greater numbers than in many years, changing the fabric of Masonic culture. Americans are beginning to awake from the digital trance that began with television, and to remember the power of human contact, direct relationships, initiation, ritual, and lifelong learning. All of which our Brotherhood provides. Read More

a Little Tuck-Pointing

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The Masonic Lodge experience is so intellectually stimulating. So rich with art and profound meaning in its ritual, and delightful in the opportunity for life-long friendship; that it’s easy to forget that what Masons do out of Lodge is more to the point of what defines us. Correspondingly, there are a few details from January that might have been easy to overlook.  Read More