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News from Bethel No. 4

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For the past several months, Bethel #4 has been very busy. We have participated in Initiations at other Bethels, Majority Ceremonies, Burgerville Fundraiser (thank you to the lodge members that came and supported us), Even a kidnap breakfast where the girls were picked up at their homes and had to go to breakfast in their pajamas, Grand Bethel Weekend as well as attending other Bethel meetings around the area. Read More

breaking rocks

The Wrecker

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By: Charles Benvegar

I saw them tearing a building down, a group of men
in a busy town.

With a hefty blow and a lusty yell, They swung with zest, and the sidewall fell.

I asked the foremen, “are these men skilled? The kind you would hire, if you had to build?”

He looked at me, and laughed, “no, indeed! Unskilled labor is all I need. Why, they can wreck in a day or two, What has taken builders years to do.”

I asked myself, as I went my way, which of these roles have I tried to play?

Am I a builder with rule and square, measuring and constructing with skill and care?

Or am I the wrecker, who runs the town, content with the business of tearing down?