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Mortar and the Trowel

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Friendship Masonic Lodge held its 7th meeting of its 104th year on July 11. Despite high temperatures and tough traffic we had a good turnout, with Brothers making their way from Beaverton to join us for the night as well as another young man who is just beginning to inquire into the Masonic Fraternity. With this cast of characters July did feel just a touch like a Wes Anderson film.  Read More

What Masons Believe

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

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This past Wednesday, Friendship Lodge met for it’s regular June meeting. Amidst the regular business of the Lodge we also enjoyed Brother Miller-Conley’s impeccable performance in his examination on the Entered Apprentice degree. In keeping with our lodge’s approach (that the degrees alone do not advance a man’s skill in Masonry) Brother Miller-Conley then went on to give a short lecture on his experiences as an Entered Apprentice Mason; as well as his reflections upon, and research into the EA Degree and its symbols. Members can read Bro. Kevin’s piece here Read More

the 2018 Masonic Contributors

30 Years of Safety: 30 Years of Success!

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This past Thursday the 30th annual Safety Patrol Picnic completed. Initiated by our own WB Jack Armstrong in partnership with several other Freemasons; the Safety Patrol Picnic is a joint collaboration between Portland Public Schools, Portland Police, and Portland area Masonic Lodges. Our primary mission is feeding 2,500 children lunch including hot dogs while they roam Oaks Park and receive their reward for being on the Safety Patrol that school year. Read More

Game Night

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Calling all adventurers! It’s time for another night of brotherhood and board games at Friendship Lodge. While Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate  has been a lodge favorite for some time, we always decide which games to play at the start of the night, and it’s anybody’s guess what we will pick. So bring some of your own board or card games and enjoy a night of fellowship and fun with Friendship #160.  Everyone is encouraged to bring beverages and snacks to share, and some light food, like sandwiches and chips or pizza, will be provided. Everyone is welcome!