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On Justice: Reflections on Our Masonic Life

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Recently the fortunate brethren of Friendship 160 and their esteemed guests were treated to a fascinating historical review presented by WB Dan Gray (Research #198). He wove for us a wonderful true story about an innovative time in Masonry spearheaded by a couple of amazing men – one of whom is Friendship’s own Jack Armstrong. The story moved all of us, and reflected at its core one of the principal virtues of our fraternity:  Justice. I’d like to introduce this very subject for your consideration by way of what one might call a not-so-concluding post script to WB Gray’s talk.

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Feast and Fellowship in January!

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The southerly winds are wont to blow warm, and that holds true for January as well as July! This month, our stated meeting will be Wednesday, January 3rd, at the usual location. Brother Pease (Kenton 145) is preparing yet another wonderful meal – this time it will be built around Swedish meatballs. Dinner hour gets going right around 6, and ends just before meeting time at 7. January’s education will involve the reading of a short essay by yours truly, on the subject of Libertines and Masonry. Read More

Red Wine

From the South – April 2017

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In many ways, this year has been about seeking clarity in the way we as a Lodge do business. We’ve changed our accounting practices to be more transparent and modern. We’ve clarified our Masonic education and actually made it a centerpiece for our stated meetings. We’ve sought greater clarity and brotherhood inside our Lodge through these educational pieces. We’ve even begun clearing up some of our old “handshake” agreements and ad-hoc practices for the sake of clarity, unity, and brotherhood. Read More

From the South – February 2016

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At our January stated meeting, I heard the words of the Junior Warden’s closing charge as I’ve heard them many times. But this time, a particular sentence stuck out to me:

“You have been enjoined to remind a Brother in the most friendly manner of his fault, to endeavor to aid his reformation, and to defend his character.”

How does one achieve this? How can one aid in the reformation of a Brother’s faults, or defend his character when we disagree with him? Read More

From the South – January 2017

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First of all, happy New Year, brethren! I hope your holidays were filled with family, friends, and happy memories. I look forward to the work we have ahead of us in Friendship Lodge this year, and welcome the opportunity to learn and grow with you all.

As I stepped into the Junior Warden’s shoes for the first time at the installation, I felt much as I did almost exactly a year before in the Senior Deacon’s role for the first time. A little overwhelmed and feeling more than a little underprepared, to say the least. In the moment, I could only think about how I didn’t know the first thing about being a Junior Warden.

But looking back at my first time fulfilling the duties of the Senior Deacon, at how unsure and overwhelmed I felt at that time, I remember the wise words: “Anything worth being good at is worth being bad at, at first.”

As we’ve all heard many times, we begin in our “rude and imperfect state.” Our aim here is to refine and perfect our shortcomings, and this requires sometimes uncomfortable and difficult work. But the end product is worth the work, the embarrassment, the uncertainty; a smooth ashlar, a better fit for that “house not made with hands.”

Be well, and keep working,

Chris Chase, Junior Warden

Jewel of Friendship

The Jewel of Friendship

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My studies this past month lead me to a short paper, written by Worshipful Brother Alphonse Cerza, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Illinois A.F. & A.M. titled, “Our Most Valuable Asset: Friendship”. It would be a bit lengthy to present to you here, but I assure you it is a swift, uplifting and informative read, and I will be certain to provide a route to it through our internet platforms; but I would like to share an excerpt with you here:
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The Virtue of Humility

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Greetings from the South, Brethren;

Approaching November, our elections obviously come to mind. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but based on tradition I have my suspicions as to whom might ascend to the West next year. Consequently I have found myself contemplating the Level, and with it the virtue of humility. Read More