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Ring In the New Year with Friendship!

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Friends and Brethren all! Ring in the new year with Friendship next Wednesday! We will be enjoying more of Bro. Eric Pease’s expert cookery with a menu of Swedish meatballs, fingerling potatoes and wilted greens. Our lecture for the evening will be delivered by none other than Bro. Kent Smith, who will be presenting his original research on the shifting meaning of “libertine”, and just what its implications should mean for the contemplative Mason.

This lecture will be part of our closed meeting, but both the supper and hours of refreshment and fellowship following the meeting are open. Feel free to stop on by and meet a Mason (or twelve).

Warmest Greetings from the East, Brethren!

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When Friendship last met to celebrate the Feast of St. John the Evangelist I was struck by the notion that in a few short hours I would officially take on the mantle of Worshipful Master. Several times since the morning of the 28th I’ve had occasion to call a Brother or two and have always noticed their joyful use of my new title, Worshipful Brother. It’s a trip to make such an abrupt transition, but it is a challenge and an opportunity to serve which I treasure and look forward to, and I thank you all for your support. Every Master before me has given his successor a better set of cards than he himself was dealt, and WB Schuman continued that trend. Read More


From the East – August 2017

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Brothers, as those who’ve been closely involved over the past two years already know, our Immediate Past Master, WB Bob Casey, led us last year to approve a new bylaw barring exclusion of candidates or expulsion of members, on the basis of their sexual orientation. MWB Art Borland, IPGM, approved this bylaw in January of this year. Then, he reversed himself in May of this year, and ordered us to present a resolution to rescind this bylaw he previously approved. Various reasons for this reversal have been offered by various members of the Grand Lodge, and its Jurisprudence Committee. Read More

4th of July Barbecue

From the East – July 2017

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Brothers, we continue to grow! On June 21st, Patrick Reilly was brought to light as an Entered Apprentice Mason. And, we anticipate evaluating the proficiency of EA Quinn Haase at our July Stated Communication, with hope for a FC Degree on the Third Wednesday of July. We welcome all our Brothers to assist in the work of our Lodge. Should you require any help coming to Lodge for a Stated Meeting or Degree, please call our Secretary Jim Loennig at (541) 499-2953, and your Brothers will help coordinate transportation for you. Read More


From the East – May 2017

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Our year of organizational housekeeping continued this month. With our bank and accounting transitions in place, audit complete, and revised P&L and related 2016 financial statements in our CPAs hands for timely preparation of our annual Form 990s, it’s now time to turn our attention to the state of our bylaws. Read More

Accountng Reports

From the East – April 2017

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Brothers! I am happy to report that the transition of our accounting systems from Quicken to Quickbooks Online is complete. This transition enables a long sought and highly valuable goal: instant reports on budget expenditures by category. While that may sound like a very dull result for a major multiple-month Lodge project, it may catch the eye of all of us who’ve sat in the stations over the years. Knowing to the penny what we’ve agreed we can spend as a Lodge, and how, is a critical tool for anyone in leadership. And, now we have it! Read More

men shaking hands

From the East – February 2017

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Brothers! I am happy to report our non-investment banking accounts are now fully transferred to Oregon’s locally owned Umpqua Bank. Our accounts with Wells Fargo Bank are closed. The “online warrant system” described in my article last month has been implemented. Our Treasurer and Secretary have been trained to use it, and both report success with this new approach. Our banking is now more readily accessible than ever, yet secure as it has always been. Further, debit cards are now in use by the Secretary and Junior Warden, significantly reducing the paperwork burden of our regular monthly dinner, mailing, and similar expenses. Read More

From the East – January 2017

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Dear Friends and Brethren,

First, and most importantly, thank you for your best wishes as we inaugurate a new Masonic year.

Those who know our Lodge, know that one would be hard pressed to find another which has ridden waves quite like ours over the past decade. Yet, what better way to practice Masonry? We have continued lifting our trowels, trimming our ashlars, squaring our corners, and showing up to work the quarry, as time moves forward and life keeps changing. We have completed a harmonious and successful year, thanks to the dedicated work of WB Bob Casey, PM, and we are looking forward to another. Read More