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30 Years of Safety: 30 Years of Success!

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This past Thursday the 30th annual Safety Patrol Picnic completed. Initiated by our own WB Jack Armstrong in partnership with several other Freemasons; the Safety Patrol Picnic is a joint collaboration between Portland Public Schools, Portland Police, and Portland area Masonic Lodges. Our primary mission is feeding 2,500 children lunch including hot dogs while they roam Oaks Park and receive their reward for being on the Safety Patrol that school year. Read More

SecreTary's Desk

Secretary’s Corner – August 2017

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Quinn Allen Haase passed his EA proficiency and did a wonderful job, he just experienced the birth of his first baby. Congratulations Quinn.

We still have several brothers that have not paid dues, we will be putting you on written notice in October as final notice at the November Stated Meeting if dues are not paid we will then place you on NPD Status, and your cumulative time as a Mason will stop until dues are paid up. Read More

From the Secretary

Secretary’s Corner – July 2017

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Two brothers received their Service Award for 60 years service to Masonry.

Douglas H. Parrott made a Master Mason on August 1, 1956.

William A. Anderton made a Master Mason September 15, 1956.

I would love to hear from anybody that knows these brothers, and if you brothers would call me so I can hear stories about Friendship Lodge in the 1950’s would be great.

Brothers there is a few of you that have not paid dues for this Masonic year, please ensure you dues are paid. I will send out notice to each of you next month that may have forgot to pay their dues.