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August 2018

A Fond Farewell to Summer

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Our summer labors have proven fruitful indeed. At our stated meeting we were all updated about the condition of Ms. Rachel Reed, past Honored Queen of Bethel 1 and dear family friend of many Friendship Brothers. I was impressed that every hand shot up (even those of our visitors) when a call for action came out. We also went through in detail the activities of the charity committee and their plans for our next round of homeless kits, which are to be assembled this September and donated to Operation Nightwatch and the Hereford House. We’ll be discussing the plans for this event at the September Stated Meeting. Read More

Congratulations, Brother Fellowcraft Miller-Conley!

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Last night the Brethren of Friendship Masonic Lodge came together for one purpose – to pass Brother Kevin Miller-Conley to the degree of Fellowcraft Mason. Every degree is special: it’s a unique, life-changing experience for the brother recieving it; and also for even the most experienced brethren working to give this gift. But Brother Miller-Conley’s Fellowcraft was truly a stand-out degree for us all.  Read More