June Stated Meeting!

By June 3, 2018From the South

Hail brethren well-met! Our next Stated meeting has been pushed back to the 2nd week of June (the 13th, to be exact) due to a little thing happening in Salem the week before! But the delay will be worth it: Bro Eric Pease (Kenton 145) will prepare a wonderful almost-mid-summer meal consisting of pulled-pork sliders with slaw and bbq sauce, a vegetarian chilli with corn bread, potato salad, and watermelon salad with feta and balsamic vinegar!!! During the evening we can look forward to at least one proficiency (EA) and possibly two (the second being an MM). After passing his EA proficiency (we hope!), Bro Kevin Miller-Conley will provide Masonic Education by way of a short lecture/essay on a specific tool of our trade – one he was presented with only recently. After the amazing meal (Bell rings at 6:30), Stated (Gavel drops at 7:30), and the proficienc-y (or –ies) and related tool lecture, we’ll retire to the Library for those who wish to participate in a short, guided conversation focusing on Bro Miller-Conley’s lecture.

As always the supper before and hours of refreshment after lodge are open to the public, so be sure to invite a friend and be sure to keep a prudent tongue.


Fraternally yours,

Bro Kent Smith, Junior Warden

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