Brother Kevin Miller-Conley Joins the Craft

By April 2, 2018General News


I’m proud to announce Friendship’s first Entered Apprentice degree of 2018! After receiving a unanimously favorable ballot at the beginning of March (is there any other kind?), Friendship Masonic Lodge initiated Brother Kevin on Wednesday the 28th to much fanfare and jubilation! Brother Christopher Chase conferred the degree with aplomb, aided by Brethren from near and far. Brethren from throughout Portland and Vancouver came out to witness our Brother’s initiation, and even a recent transplant from Huntington Beach, CA made his way in for the event! A long-time friend of our Junior Warden, Brother Kevin perhaps had a night a little more special than even our gentle craft could anticipate or design.

Upon closing the Lodge, the assembled Craftsmen moved upstairs to the dining hall to enjoy a late supper and cocktails; where everyone toasted our newly initiated Brother, and offered words of encouragement and congratulations. Even Kevin himself had a few things to say, speaking to the members for nearly 15 minutes during the meal.

The mood light and loving, we still parted a bit earlier than usual to accommodate a 5am flight Kevin needed to make on Thursday (Spring Break can be postponed, but not cancelled after all).

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