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December 2017

Ring In the New Year with Friendship!

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Friends and Brethren all! Ring in the new year with Friendship next Wednesday! We will be enjoying more of Bro. Eric Pease’s expert cookery with a menu of Swedish meatballs, fingerling potatoes and wilted greens. Our lecture for the evening will be delivered by none other than Bro. Kent Smith, who will be presenting his original research on the shifting meaning of “libertine”, and just what its implications should mean for the contemplative Mason.

This lecture will be part of our closed meeting, but both the supper and hours of refreshment and fellowship following the meeting are open. Feel free to stop on by and meet a Mason (or twelve).

Warmest Greetings from the East, Brethren!

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When Friendship last met to celebrate the Feast of St. John the Evangelist I was struck by the notion that in a few short hours I would officially take on the mantle of Worshipful Master. Several times since the morning of the 28th I’ve had occasion to call a Brother or two and have always noticed their joyful use of my new title, Worshipful Brother. It’s a trip to make such an abrupt transition, but it is a challenge and an opportunity to serve which I treasure and look forward to, and I thank you all for your support. Every Master before me has given his successor a better set of cards than he himself was dealt, and WB Schuman continued that trend. Read More

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Happy New Year from The West!

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Happy New Year, brethren! I hope your holidays have been pleasant, and filled with family and fun.

I look back on 2017 and my time as Junior Warden, and I am filled with pride for the things that we have accomplished. To echo the words of Worshipful Brother Lee at the installation, Friendship Masonic Lodge #160 knows what it wants to do, and we are getting better at it every year. We are working on bigger and better charitable work and involvement in our community, greater education and discussion at our gatherings, and fellowship befitting our name. Read More

Masonic Family Style Dinner

Feast and Fellowship in January!

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The southerly winds are wont to blow warm, and that holds true for January as well as July! This month, our stated meeting will be Wednesday, January 3rd, at the usual location. Brother Pease (Kenton 145) is preparing yet another wonderful meal – this time it will be built around Swedish meatballs. Dinner hour gets going right around 6, and ends just before meeting time at 7. January’s education will involve the reading of a short essay by yours truly, on the subject of Libertines and Masonry. Read More