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July 2017


From the East – August 2017

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Brothers, as those who’ve been closely involved over the past two years already know, our Immediate Past Master, WB Bob Casey, led us last year to approve a new bylaw barring exclusion of candidates or expulsion of members, on the basis of their sexual orientation. MWB Art Borland, IPGM, approved this bylaw in January of this year. Then, he reversed himself in May of this year, and ordered us to present a resolution to rescind this bylaw he previously approved. Various reasons for this reversal have been offered by various members of the Grand Lodge, and its Jurisprudence Committee. Read More


From the West – August 2017

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As we approach our coming Fellowcraft degrees this summer I find myself musing on some recurring lessons in our degrees. Most especially of finding balance in all things. The point within a circle admonishes us that our duties will require touching upon both the extremes of left and right, summer and winter, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist; as well as the ideal, middle path of the Volume of Sacred Law. How hard it can be to do just that thing, weigh all sides equally, know the ideal, and still pursue what we think best. A nautical rhyme comes to mind, meant to admonish the sailor to be prudent whenever at sea and in dispute over right of way:

“Here lies the body of Michael O’Day Who died defending his right of way.
He was right, dead right, as he sailed along But just as dead as if he’d been wrong.”

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SecreTary's Desk

Secretary’s Corner – August 2017

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Quinn Allen Haase passed his EA proficiency and did a wonderful job, he just experienced the birth of his first baby. Congratulations Quinn.

We still have several brothers that have not paid dues, we will be putting you on written notice in October as final notice at the November Stated Meeting if dues are not paid we will then place you on NPD Status, and your cumulative time as a Mason will stop until dues are paid up. Read More

4th of July Barbecue

From the East – July 2017

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Brothers, we continue to grow! On June 21st, Patrick Reilly was brought to light as an Entered Apprentice Mason. And, we anticipate evaluating the proficiency of EA Quinn Haase at our July Stated Communication, with hope for a FC Degree on the Third Wednesday of July. We welcome all our Brothers to assist in the work of our Lodge. Should you require any help coming to Lodge for a Stated Meeting or Degree, please call our Secretary Jim Loennig at (541) 499-2953, and your Brothers will help coordinate transportation for you. Read More

masonic mentorship

From the West – July 2017

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This past month has offered a wealth of Masonic education for me, but I have also been pulled in many directions; in meditating on how to proceed with MWB Art Borland’s order to rescind our recent bylaws change, to mentoring Bro EA Quinn, and most importantly, caring for my 9- weeks-old twins; I have found myself without much time to organize my thoughts. But I would like to share something our beloved Brother Junior Deacon wrote on our Facebook page in June: Read More

From the Secretary

Secretary’s Corner – July 2017

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Two brothers received their Service Award for 60 years service to Masonry.

Douglas H. Parrott made a Master Mason on August 1, 1956.

William A. Anderton made a Master Mason September 15, 1956.

I would love to hear from anybody that knows these brothers, and if you brothers would call me so I can hear stories about Friendship Lodge in the 1950’s would be great.

Brothers there is a few of you that have not paid dues for this Masonic year, please ensure you dues are paid. I will send out notice to each of you next month that may have forgot to pay their dues.