From the East – January 2017

By January 4, 2017From the East

Dear Friends and Brethren,

First, and most importantly, thank you for your best wishes as we inaugurate a new Masonic year.

Those who know our Lodge, know that one would be hard pressed to find another which has ridden waves quite like ours over the past decade. Yet, what better way to practice Masonry? We have continued lifting our trowels, trimming our ashlars, squaring our corners, and showing up to work the quarry, as time moves forward and life keeps changing. We have completed a harmonious and successful year, thanks to the dedicated work of WB Bob Casey, PM, and we are looking forward to another.

Your new officers represent the trust our elders have placed in a new generation, working together with our experienced brothers to renew and regenerate our Lodge.

  • Leo Schuman, Worshipful Master
  • Walter Lee, Senior Warden
  • Christopher Chase, Junior Warden
  • Bryan Tranel, Treasurer
  • Jim Loennig PM, Secretary
  • Brian Gardes, Senior Deacon
  • Kent Smith, Junior Deacon
  • Bob Casey PM, Tyler

We feel grateful for this trust, and look forward to our brothers’ wise, kind, and friendly counsel.

In the coming year, we will be placing great emphasis on Masonic Education. Each stated meeting will include a recorded, expertly delivered 30-minute lecture on a topic of Classical Western Philosophy, followed by our “new tradition” of post-meeting fellowship and conversation.

As always, our evening begins with at 6:30pm on the First Wednesday of every month. We hope you will join with us, as we engage with the Western Philosophical tradition, while enjoying our Friendship.


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Leo Schuman, Worshipful Master Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160, AF&AM

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