The Virtue of Humility

By October 27, 2016From the South
From the South

Greetings from the South, Brethren;

Approaching November, our elections obviously come to mind. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but based on tradition I have my suspicions as to whom might ascend to the West next year. Consequently I have found myself contemplating the Level, and with it the virtue of humility.

Among the many lectures given at the recent Masonic College the virtue of humility came up numerous times. It is the personal discipline that allows diverse men from so many different faiths, professions and generations to meet as friends when they might have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. The Level admonishes us to practice humility, recognize that our perceptions of reality are the product of our own experiences and world views; and therein enables us to work, learn and build together. It is in humility that we are reminded that that which we build for ourselves dies with us, whilst that which we build for others is perchance immortal.

Friendship has been given a great opportunity in the past several years to study and practice humility: since moving into the historic Kenton Masonic Temple, consolidating with and being separated from Kenton Lodge; we have had to learn how to weather these changes with dignity and composure. Along the way we’ve picked up several brothers, while the time has ushered others away. Our members have had to forge a common understanding of who we are and what we do; as men, Masons and a Lodge of Brothers. I enjoy the growth that this has brought me individually. Even more so I enjoy the friendships I have formed with those Brothers who preceded me, and the experienced wisdom they have shared. It gives me great confidence that Friendship will prevail and endure, even as it continues to grow and evolve.

Thank you for your time and contributions to our Lodge, Brethren. I hope to see you all again soon, and wish you all a beautiful, bright November.

Walter Lee

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