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October 2016

From the South

The Virtue of Humility

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Greetings from the South, Brethren;

Approaching November, our elections obviously come to mind. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but based on tradition I have my suspicions as to whom might ascend to the West next year. Consequently I have found myself contemplating the Level, and with it the virtue of humility. Read More

Kent Smith Becomes a Master Mason

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Friday nights are usually not the lodge’s meeting night, but the lodge made an exception this time to accommodate a special event: The raising of Brother Kent Smith to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

The evening wasn’t just about raising a brother; it was also about creating a family legacy where the fourth and final brother of the Smith family finally became a member of the fraternity. To mark this auspicious event, WB Alan Smith and Brother Daniel Smith — both from George W. Lininger Lodge No. 268 in Omaha, Nebraska — were in attendance. WB Alan also played an important role in the degree, practicing extensively to make sure that his part conformed to Oregon ritual requirements.

Brother Kent Smith follows Brother Daniel Smith in joining the Craft. The first of the Smith brothers who was initiated was WB Alan Smith, then followed by WB Stephen Smith.