Welcome to Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160

A Masonic Lodge in North Portland, Oregon.

A Guiding Light

What is Freemasonry? To many of its members, Freemasonry is a guiding light to those who wish to improve themselves — better fathers, better husbands, brothers, and ultimately, better members of society. Its principles and ceremonies inculcate the importance of introspection and manifestation of personal improvement to the world at large.

It’s also a haven for long-lasting and meaningful friendships among those who might otherwise have remained at a distance.

In short, it’s an organization that fosters fraternity, encourages personal improvement, and provides meaningful experiences.

For the Modern Gentleman

Freemasonry has attracted men from many walks of life; those who not only have a sincere wish to be serviceable to society, but also to be a cut above the typical man and be part of the times. It is a haven for the modern gentleman to learn about the ways of the world.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in pursuing, then we invite you to learn more.

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Latest News from the Lodge

A Fond Farewell to Summer

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Our summer labors have proven fruitful indeed. At our stated meeting we were all updated about the condition of Ms. Rachel Reed, past Honored Queen of Bethel 1 and dear family friend of many Friendship Brothers. I was impressed that every hand shot up (even those of our visitors) when a call for action came out. We also went through in detail the activities of the charity committee and their plans for our next round of homeless kits, which are to be assembled this September and donated to Operation Nightwatch and the Hereford House. We’ll be discussing the plans for this event at the September Stated Meeting. Read More

Congratulations, Brother Fellowcraft Miller-Conley!

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Last night the Brethren of Friendship Masonic Lodge came together for one purpose – to pass Brother Kevin Miller-Conley to the degree of Fellowcraft Mason. Every degree is special: it’s a unique, life-changing experience for the brother recieving it; and also for even the most experienced brethren working to give this gift. But Brother Miller-Conley’s Fellowcraft was truly a stand-out degree for us all.  Read More

Mortar and the Trowel

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Friendship Masonic Lodge held its 7th meeting of its 104th year on July 11. Despite high temperatures and tough traffic we had a good turnout, with Brothers making their way from Beaverton to join us for the night as well as another young man who is just beginning to inquire into the Masonic Fraternity. With this cast of characters July did feel just a touch like a Wes Anderson film.  Read More

What Masons Believe

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

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This past Wednesday, Friendship Lodge met for it’s regular June meeting. Amidst the regular business of the Lodge we also enjoyed Brother Miller-Conley’s impeccable performance in his examination on the Entered Apprentice degree. In keeping with our lodge’s approach (that the degrees alone do not advance a man’s skill in Masonry) Brother Miller-Conley then went on to give a short lecture on his experiences as an Entered Apprentice Mason; as well as his reflections upon, and research into the EA Degree and its symbols. Members can read Bro. Kevin’s piece here Read More

A brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of God

May Flowers

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My what a big month May is! And Friendship Masonic Lodge has used all five weeks to the max. The month began with with the official visit of the Grand Master (which you can read about here, along with the comings and goings of the first couple weeks), but that all seems ages ago after all else that has happened.

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the 2018 Masonic Contributors

30 Years of Safety: 30 Years of Success!

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This past Thursday the 30th annual Safety Patrol Picnic completed. Initiated by our own WB Jack Armstrong in partnership with several other Freemasons; the Safety Patrol Picnic is a joint collaboration between Portland Public Schools, Portland Police, and Portland area Masonic Lodges. Our primary mission is feeding 2,500 children lunch including hot dogs while they roam Oaks Park and receive their reward for being on the Safety Patrol that school year. Read More

You’re Invited!

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Friends and Brethren all! May is set to be an exemplary month for Friendship Lodge! It’s not just every day we have the pleasure of hosting the Grand Master of Masons in Oregon. And so nine months ago when our Secretary asked me if I wanted the GM to visit I had only one word to answer – yes!

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Game Night

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Calling all adventurers! It’s time for another night of brotherhood and board games at Friendship Lodge. While Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate  has been a lodge favorite for some time, we always decide which games to play at the start of the night, and it’s anybody’s guess what we will pick. So bring some of your own board or card games and enjoy a night of fellowship and fun with Friendship #160.  Everyone is encouraged to bring beverages and snacks to share, and some light food, like sandwiches and chips or pizza, will be provided. Everyone is welcome!

Rescheduled for Now!

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Following surprisingly wintry weather in February, our first philosophy discussion night of 2018 will be on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00pm at the Kenton Temple. We will be watching and discussing Prof. Daniel N. Robinson’s lecture, “Moral Science and the Natural World”, in the context of our willfully obligating ourselves as Masons.

Wine, fellowship, light – what a night this promises to be! Read More

Snow, Ice, and the Warmth of Brotherhood in February

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February is the best time of year for Masons to travel! Friendship Lodge started the month off with a visit to Beaverton Lodge to retrieve a gavel they claimed from us last year. WB Don Martin (the Master of Beaverton) graciously offered WB Lee of Friendship the opportunity to close his Lodge. Not one week later however, did Kenton 145 travel en masse to Friendship – stealing away our hard-won gavel again! It seems we needn’t put away our road gear just yet. In addition to their delightful company, Kenton presented Friendship with an artifact from our past – a cigar ashtray commemorating the cornerstone laying of an addition to our former building. Read More

Masonic Brotherhod

Shelter From the Storms

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As this year starts to wind down, many of our projects this year have begun to wrap up. This month we were able to have a packing party for our annual homeless relief kit project. On September 12th, more than a dozen of us, including some of the Job’s Daughters from Bethel #4, some family members, and some prospective candidates; showed up at the Lodge to assemble some 450 kits with thermal blankets, socks, basic hygiene equipment, and other useful items for those people who find themselves without shelter this winter in Portland.

One Kit’s Ingredients

freemason charity

One of 450 Kits

Some of these kits went down to Operation Nightwatch downtown, and some will be going to their location in Southeast Portland as well. A smaller share, as well as the leftover toothbrushes, by special request, went to The Hereford House, a shelter in North Portland that WB Schuman has a relationship with through his church. I would like to thank everyone for their help, most especially WB Schuman for coordinating the project, BEA Ramirez for helping with the logistics and planning, and to those brothers and friends who donated their time and vehicles to helping set up the event.

Getting Set Up

and Getting It Done

It’s also important to thank the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of Oregon for matching 50% of our funds this year through its Creating a Partnership (CAP) program. This generous grant allowed us to expand our project from the previously planned 300 to the final 450+ kits we produced. The Grand Lodge’s support and encouragement is very much appreciated in our endeavors in the community. This year would not have been nearly so successful without their contribution.

Lastly, as part of the packing party, the brethren and guests of Friendship Masonic Lodge #160 raised roughly an additional $200 in direct donations, for the purpose of purchasing waterproof tarps to go to Operation Nightwatch. These are highly valued items to those without refuge from the Portland rain, and I truly appreciate all our friends and brethren who stepped up to give from their own pockets to those who need it.

For Visiting Brethren

Friendship Masonic Lodge meets at 8130 N. Denver Avenue in Portland. Its stated meeting is on the first Wednesday of each month.

Dinner is served at 6:30 PM followed by lodge opening at 7:30 PM.

The lodge also hosts a light gathering for libations and lively conversations after lodge, usually by 9:00 PM.

Recommended attire is suit and tie.

Interested in Joining?

To be considered for membership at Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to support yourself and your dependents (if any)
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • Not have a felony record

To learn more about how to become a member of the lodge, please contact us.

Secretary’s Corner

Brother Quinn Haase performed a perfect proficiency at his Master Mason examination on May 16.

a Master Mason