Welcome to Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160

A Masonic Lodge in North Portland, Oregon.

A Guiding Light

What is Freemasonry? To many of its members, Freemasonry is a guiding light to those who wish to improve themselves — better fathers, better husbands, brothers, and ultimately, better members of society. Its principles and ceremonies inculcate the importance of introspection and manifestation of personal improvement to the world at large.

It’s also a haven for long-lasting and meaningful friendships among those who might otherwise have remained at a distance.

In short, it’s an organization that fosters fraternity, encourages personal improvement, and provides meaningful experiences.

For the Modern Gentleman

Freemasonry has attracted men from many walks of life; those who not only have a sincere wish to be serviceable to society, but also to be a cut above the typical man and be part of the times. In fine, it is a haven for the modern gentleman to learn about the ways of the world.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in pursuing, then we invite you to learn more.

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Latest News from the Lodge

From the East - May

New Tidings for June

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Several new items appear at Friendship Lodge this month.

  • EA Degree. On Wednesday May 25 at 7:30pm, our first Entered Apprentice degree in several years will be conferred. As a fascinating variation, we might have portions of the ceremony sung by a soloist. Special thanks to our Senior Deacon, Bro. Christopher Chase, for helping all of us prepare for our roles.
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From the West

Beauty in the Lodge

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As Masons, we are taught to seek the Three Great Pillars in our endeavors: Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty. Looking out the window here in the midst of an Oregon Spring, it is easy to spot the third pillar: Beauty. As the old television commercial says, “[we’re] soaking in it.” Few places in America display the natural beauty we Oregonians can too often take for granted. Read More

from the south - may

The Virtue of Hope

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For much of May I have contemplated the virtue of hope, and have had a tumultuous time with it indeed. However, I think I’ve made some headway, at least in understanding why we make a virtue of hope. In the spirit of full candor: this past year I have often found myself without much hope. I won’t go into the details, but this past year has been marked by what seems to be the greatest challenge I have ever faced; and every failure, mistake, and missed opportunity has siphoned just a little more off my reserve each time. Read More

EA - Kent Robert Smith

Congratulations, Brother Kent Smith

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Last night, Mr. Kent Smith became known as Brother Entered Apprentice Kent Smith after going through Freemasonry’s Entered Apprentice Degree at Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160. Brother Smith’s initiation marks a celebratory turning point in this year’s lodge leadership as the lodge looks forward to performing more degrees throughout the next few months of the year.

Many thanks to the brothers who witnessed the event!

June News from Bethel No. 4

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Greetings from Bethel #4.

June is a busy and exciting month for us. Our installation of Officers is June 18th at 3:00 pm. Ali Keepers is being installed as Honored Queen and is very excited, as she has worked her way thru all the line officer stations to get to this position. We hope some of you will be able to attend. We only have 4 daughters in the Bethel and always love to see sideliners. Read More

For Visiting Brethren

Friendship Masonic Lodge meets at 8130 N. Denver Avenue in Portland. Its stated meeting is on the first Wednesday of each month.

Dinner is served at 6:30 PM followed by lodge opening at 7:30 PM.

The lodge also hosts a light gathering for libations and lively conversations after lodge, usually by 9:00 PM.

Recommended attire is suit and tie.

Interested in Joining?

To be considered for membership at Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to support yourself and your dependents (if any)
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • Not have a felony record

To learn more about how to become a member of the lodge, please contact us.